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I can honestly say that the audiences were extremely moved by Maximo’s vocal range and personality.
Many of the people in the audience had never had the pleasure of experiencing the power and glamour of a live operatic voice. Safe to say, their appreciation had permanently changed. You will truly understand why he is called the Tenor of the Americas!
~ Fritz Coleman, NBC4

He moves like Elvis with a Latin twist, but his voice is all Maximo! Maximo pulls audiences from all over the world. ‘His Star is Definitely on the Rise’.
~ Channel 7 News

This Latin Sensation mesmerizes the crowds. People from all over the world found his world-class show electrifying.
~ Hard Copy KCBS Television, New York

In Miami, the Latin beat throbs throughout the city, and Maximo is its hottest star!
~ London Nights TV Uncovered

A gifted showman and a true entertainer! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Maximo live. I had Maximo sing for my audience at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.
~ Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas

Not just a mind-blowing singer, but also a superb songwriter! Maximo achieved worldwide success as Spanish lyricist for many artists I produced.
~ Frank Farian, Music Producer of Meatloaf, No Mercy, Bonieh, La Bouche

There are people who can sing technically and people who can truly move you, but there are very few people like Maximo, who can sing with the heart and uplift your spirit.
~ John Tesh, Host Entertainment Tonight

I jumped to my feet when Maximo finished singing. A gifted man with a loving voice. Maximo sings to stir hope and joy in the hearts of his audience. He blesses the world everywhere he goes. Maximo, we love you!
~ Dr. Robert Schuler, Founder of the Crystal Cathedral. “Hour Of Power” Television Ministry

As a former choral conductor and a lifelong devotee of classical and sacred music, I have been privileged to enjoy many great performers and ensembles. However, I have never experienced such an exceptional talent as Maximo.
~ Mark Voorhees, Senior Network Broadcast Television Engineer TBN ‘Praise the Lord’

Only one of his kind…Maximo has the divine voice of a tenor and a unique ability as a contemporary, classical-crossover artist to create a bridge to the next generation of music lovers… who are about to ‘discover’ classical music and opera, and perhaps a high C, for the first time!
~ Danny O’Donovan Entertainment Group Artist Manager of Yanni, Frank Sinatra, The Jacksons, Engelbert Humperdinck

The legendary Tito Puente was so enthralled, as an audience member, during one of Maximo’s world-beat concerts, and he literally jumped on stage and joined in the musical celebration.
~ The Miami Herald, Florida

With a voice with its own unique sound, Maximo has now taken his place among the big voices in opera.
~ La Opinion Newspaper of Los Angeles

OMG! Classical singer, Maximo Marcuso stole hearts when he launched into several favorites, including ‘Be My Love’, at the Toluca Guild CHLA Fundraising Concert. He ended with the classic, ‘Nessun Dorma’, which showcased his powerful tenor voice. But the highlight was when the ohso-handsome singer came over to the opera-loving Grace Patz and kissed her hand. Atta-girl!
~ Margie Barron – Entertainment Today

Tenor Maximo Marcuso, also known as the ‘Latin Sensation’, looks incredibly like a young Mario Lanza, especially when he launches into the opera arias. He had the ladies swooning as he shared his vocal gifts. It’s become a new mission for Maximo, to support the annual fundraising event of the Toluca Guild of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and over the past years it’s been a joy to see him uplifting the spirit of so many people.
~ The Tolucan Times

The audience was enthused by his performance and charisma, evident in every millisecond of his presentation at the “Bach to Broadway Concert”. He made the night so special and memorable.
~ Pasadena Outlook Newspaper

Three standing ovations! Maximo melted the hearts of all the opera lovers. For the LA Opera fundraising concert at the Courtyard of El Portal in Pasadena, I featured him as the closing act of the evening…and he stole the show! He is a genuine artist and a humble man, devoted to his career and to supporting the arts.
~ Able Ramirez, Pasadena Play House Board of Directors, Owner of ‘El Portal’

In the years that I have known and worked with Maximo, I have found him to be highly dedicated to his career. His gorgeous voice and excellence shine through each of his performances. His ability to connect with his audience creates a unique concert experience, which you will not forget.
~ Mark Ryley, Musical Director and Conductor of the Crystal Cathedral, Hour of Power Philharmonic

My heart was fully taken when I heard Maximo singing! I look forward to the day very soon when Maximo will join Lanza, Domingo, Pavarotti and Carreras on the list of the world’s greatest tenors! I feel honored to continue supporting his brilliant career.
~ Mark Baranov, LA Phil First Violins – Assistant Concertmaster, Philharmonic Affiliates Chair

I practically melted at the piano when Maximo started singing Puccini’s ‘E Lucevan Le Stelle’! I accompanied Maximo in several recitals, including one at the ‘Classical Music Encounters’, which is funded by The Los Angeles Philharmonic Chamber Music Society.
~ Lina Baranov, Concert Pianist and Staff Member of the Faculty at Biola University, California

I presented Maximo in concert at the Claviheros Theater, and the entire audience was in complete awe. His performance of “Granada” was breathtaking from beginning to end!
~ Vicky Benitez, Concert Producer – Michoacan, Mexico

A natural born Tenor! Life granted me the blessings to see Maximo being born and to cultivate his innate talents. Since his early age I knew he was destined to be an artist. I am so proud of being his uncle and his first mentor.
~ Maestro Nery Cano, Ph.D., Musical Director and Conductor of the National Philharmonic of Guatemala, City

I was delighted to provide Maximo with the benefits of my experience and techniques, and to bring him to an even higher level of excellence.
~ Michel Stevens, Chair Voice Department – The Colburn School of the Performing Arts of Los Angeles

The finest student I’ve ever coached! Maximo has the potential to become one of the greatest tenors in the world!” His passion for his art is not only displayed in his excellent musicianship and performance qualities, but also in his devotion to his life-long goal of being one of the few truly great tenors.
~ Soprano Arlene Slater Stone, Igor Stravinsky’s Protégé- Former Boston Opera Company Soloist -Private Voice Coach, The Juilliard School

A virtuoso lyric tenor! Maximo is a sincere young man who possesses an absolutely beautiful voice. I am convinced that he is destined to achieve his aspirations in a powerful way.
~ Janet Smith, CSUF Voice Faculty and Co-director of Opera Theatre

I coached Maximo to master his interpretation of quite a few opera arias, such as ‘Amor Ti Vieta’, ‘Donna Non Vidi Mai,’ and the popular song ‘Non Ti Scordar Di Me’. He did a splendid job with everything he attempted!
~ Frank Fetta Music Director and Conductor of the Culver City, Marina del Rey, Torrance and Redlands Symphonies

I worked with Maximo for one of his rehearsals. I encouraged him to take advantage of his superlative operatic skills.
~ Brent McMunn Vocal Arts and Opera Music Director, USC Thornton Opera

Maximo will transport you to a romantic and magical place, and will transform that moment into a delightfully lasting recollection. He uplifted our souls at the NAACP’s Women’s History Award Program, which honored outstanding women who have changed the face of our communities.
~ US Congresswoman Janice Hahn

He is a remarkable talent, who has committed his life to the arts and who always gives a riveting and impressive show. Maximo, also known as the Tenor of the Americas has performed at my district’s ‘Independence Day Celebrations’, and he has more than held his own as a performer, entertaining hundreds of people with his unique yet respectful interpretation of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.
~ Jose Huisar, Los Angeles Councilmember

Lovely Maximo! I want to express my profound gratitude for sharing your amazing talent and helping us to honor our nation’s veterans. You are an inspiration to all of us.
~ Naomi Rainey, President, Long Beach NAACP

Powerful, creative, and in a most passionate way, the Tenor of the Americas beautifully sang our country’s ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Awards Gala. That evening, Maximo proved to us that he has an extraordinary voice, which the whole world should have the honor of hearing.
~ Sandy Cajas, President and CEO. Raymond Duckworth, Director Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

As I write this quote, what comes to mind is his brilliant performance of ‘Nessun Dorma’. I remember that when he ended it with such glorious high notes, the entire audience (which included political leaders and mayors of several cities) sat in their seats motionless and in admiration of this amazing young tenor. I thank Maximo for his professionalism and for his contribution to the arts and culture.
~ John Arriaga, Executive Director, League of California Cities, Latino Caucus
My wife and I had traveled all over Europe and attended many operas, but never heard anyone sing the ‘Nessun Dorma’ as beautifully as Maximo sang it that night.
~ Mayor Harry T. Price, City of Fairfield, CaliforniaSee Awards & Recognitions